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Budget Tax Solutions, Inc started off as an assumed name sole proprietorship in 2005 with just 3 clients in our first year professionally. It was started in 2005 by the now President/CEO Timothy Gassmann, who operated the business out of his home.  As clientele grew and business expanded to include clients for 11 other states (besides Minnesota), it became evident that incorporation was around the corner.  So, in 2009 Budget Tax Solutions became incorporated in the state of Minnesota.

In October 2012, Budget Tax Solutions, Inc. moved its operations to Ellendale, MN. Budget Tax Solutions mission is to provide high quality, accurate and reliable service to our customers. We offer more than just tax preparation however, we are a full-service firm and also provide payroll processing WITH direct deposit, bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, and notary service.

At Budget Tax Solutions we use Drake tax software which has been around since 1977 and is one of the most trusted names in professional tax software. The use of tax software greatly limits the number of errors that can be made on a tax return.

Budget Tax Solutions, Inc specializes in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients. We specialize in:

  • Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals
  • Bookkeeping and financial statements for small businesses
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Corporate tax return filing
  • and Professional Payroll Processing


Mr. Gassmann has been doing taxes for years, originally as a help to friends and family as they prepared their taxes, but he ventured out professionally at his passion in 2005 because he felt that it was time for a change in the way regular consumers pay for their tax preparation. Mr. Gassmann feels that consumers should not be victims of "sticker shock" and that they should know approximately how much they will be charged for their tax preparation BEFORE they take the time to have them prepared. Our fees are competitive and in some cases considerably lower.

Mr. Gassmann is a graduate from the University of Phoenix where he received his Masters of Science in Accountancy in 2013. Mr. Gassmann is also currently sitting for the CPA exam and hopes to be licensed soon.



Budget Tax Solutions, Inc is a closely held corporation and the beliefs of our ownership are in line with Evangelicial Christian Theology. The founding principle of Budget Tax Solutions is to serve our clients to the best of our ability and to do so as if we were serving Jesus Christ himself.  We at Budget Tax Solutions believe firmly in the authority of scripture, the diety of Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. We strive to operate our business in a manner that would be pleasing to Him. So, if you are looking for a tax preparer that will help you prepare a dishonest return then Budget Tax Solutions is not the company to call. We do not discriminate on who our clients are, however we do reserve the right to refuse customers if they insist upon us preparing a dishonest return. But, we will do our best to make sure every legitimate deduction is taken on your behalf.

It is important to note that while Mr. Gassmann is enrolled in the Annual Filing Season Program with the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service does not specifically endorse or recommend Mr. Gassmann above any other enrollee, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants or Attorneys.