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PDF Document Creation

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Are all of your receipts in paper form and you want to have an easy to access digital file for your receipts on your computer?  Budget Tax Solutions can assist by converting your paper copies of everything into PDF files and organizing them for you.  The amount of work will determine the cost and this service is only provided AFTER tax preparation season.

We can also turn those old 3-ring bound manuals that you still want to keep but don't have the desk or shelf space.  We can assist in turning it into a paperless PDF that is also text searchable.  Base setup for this service is $25 which includes the first 10 pages.  Additional pages run $1 each. Volume discounts are available starting at 150+ pages.  You pay for the whole number of pages converted and NOT per document you want created.  You can give us 100 pages and want them organized in 3 different e-documents and there would be no additional charge for the extra files created.

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