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Payroll Services

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Payroll by Budget Tax Solutions is one of our premiere and most sought services.  We make it as as simple as possible. Our fees are based upon volume of payroll transactions processed.  Costs are a flat $4/payee/payday.  This is an all-inclusive cost. Discounts at the 80 and 150 transactions/fiscal quarter are automatically applied.

Payroll with Budget Tax Solutions includes (but is not limited to):

  • Direct Deposit to up to two bank accounts per employee (no additional cost)
  • Tracking and Direct Deposit (to one account) for contractors
  • Preparation of all quarterly tax forms and electronic filing to Federal, State and local (if necessary) taxing authorities
  • Initiation of electronic tax deposits when they are due. This keeps our costs down and allows you to use the money not paid direct to the employee in their net paycheck to assist with your cash flow until the tax comes due
  • Employees will also have access to an online web portal to view their paystubs online at no additional cost to the company

There is a monthly minimum cost of $30 which is billed monthly but everything you pay during the month is credited toward that invoice. The only additional cost on top of the $4/payee/payday is an annual cost for issuing W2s or 1099s.  It is a flat $5/form and no other hidden costs are assessed.

There are optional services that have nominal additional fees for electronic time clock and electronic time sheet preparation.

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