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Quickbooks Online

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QuickBooks Online is fast becoming the most popular business tool in the United States today.  The current cost for getting QuickBooks Online Plus is at $60/month direct from Intuit.  As a wholesaler of the QuickBooks Online platform, Budget Tax Solutions can offer you discounts as follows:


QBO Self-Employed
($10/mo retail)

QBO Essentials
($35/mo retail)

QBO Plus
($60/mo retail)
Month-to-Month $8/mo (billed quarterly) $25/mo billed quarterly $50/mo billed monthly
Prepay for 1 year

$84 once per year

$270 once per year $540 once per year
Prepay for 2 yrs $144 once every 2 years $504 once every 2 years $960 once every 2 years

If you want to see what services each level offers call us and request a chart that shows the differences.  Intuit offers one other level called Simple Start and unfortunately we are not allowed to wholesale this product.

Even better yet, our team of professionals will have access to your QBO account automatically so we can assist if you need us to. Service hours for QBO help is billed in 15-minute increments at a rate of $95/hr. OR, you can pre-purchase service hours at $75/hr and bank them to be used in the future.  The minimum purchase for this discount is 3 hours at a time. Unused hours are not refundable however they NEVER expire.  Service hours on pre-purchase will also be expensed in 15-minute increments.

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