Quickbooks Online

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QuickBooks Online is fast becoming the most popular business tool in the United States today.  The average continuing cost for getting QuickBooks Online Plus is at $50/month direct from Intuit.  Currently we are able to offer steep discounts so that individual businesses can get this powerful tool for a lower cost.  The cost currently for access to the QBO tool through Budget Tax Solutions is between $30 and $40/mo which is NOT a promotional cost but rather the continuing full cost.  The biggest difference is determined by how long you contract with BTS to get this service.  For contracts of 12 months or less the cost is $40/mo, for contracts of 13-24 months the cost is $35/mo and for contracts that are over 25 months the cost is $30/mo.

Better yet, BTS will have access to your QBO account automatically so we can assist if you need us to.  Service hours for QBO help is billed at $95/hr which is billed in increments of 15 minutes.  OR, you can pre-purchase service hours at $75/hr and bank them to be used in the future.  The minimum purchase for the discount is 3 hours at a time and while there is no refund on the service hours they will NEVER expire.  Service hours on pre-purchase will be used in 15-minute increments.

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